Friday, June 20, 2008

Progress, or lack thereof

edited on 12.28.08
The first adoption, I seemed to be propelled by some sort of cosmic energy that enabled me to tear through the paperwork at a furious pace. It seemed I was checking things off the list daily. Now I'm lucky to get to cross one thing off a week! Of course, it could have something to do with the fact that anytime I begin to work on paperwork, I already have a sweet small person dancing at my feet begging me to play knights & castle with him, help him transform a transformer, or tell him why he can't have cheezits for breakfast. I suppose it's like the beginning of being able to juggle two!
I really did forget though; how much WORK all of this paperwork is. And I don't have that first time mom buzz thing going on to really push it along. As excited as I am, I'm equally scared to death about how things will change with a second one!! part of me LOVES our family of three. And sweet silly Bek, oh he's just so special. Some times I think my heart will break I love him so much. Will adding a second throw this balance and order completely off?! I think my fear comes from knowing that the answer to this is YES! Then I think about the joy of adding a new one, how much love we all three have to give, and how much she will add to our family, how Bek has a innate need to love a tiny baby! He announced today that he wants to share HIS ROOM with her!! I can't wait to do it ALL over again, yes even the painful parts that I apparently have blocked out!! And have I mentioned all those cute girl clothes...?
So about my's pathetic, but it's a start: Application to agency has been completed. This included a detailed financial statement, copies of all our passports, birth certificates marriage license, last tax return, lengthy application including complete job/career history, references, hobbies, family's bio's, Criminal background checks at local PD for past 5 years, astrological signs and political persuasions...ok maybe those last few were not included but Dear God they may as well have! I've said it before and I'll say it again; if all the regular old procreating derelicts of the world had to go thru all this before producing offspring, there'd be A LOT fewer people in this world!! But I digress...I need to make copies of all of the above and then send it off to the agency w/ the fee. Once we are officially accepted, I'll need to print & send the I600A form - this is for INS / BCIS, allerting the U.S. that we'll be bringing a new citizen into our fine country. After that I need to start the homestudy, which is a part of the all important Dossier - which is a big hand stiched document that represents us to the Russian government. It will get translated and sent to Russia. Where upon reading it, some ambassador of Fate most likely named Olga will decide who our daughter is to be.
**sigh*** and we've only just begun....(insert carpenter's fade out music)....

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