Sunday, January 25, 2009

Paper cuts

Each day has been filled with some sort of paperwork, some minutae of our life that they supposedly want to know about, copies made and filed, phone calls, emails, online work, trips to copy shop and post office. I remember thinking with Bek, that this process is like having a second job. And by God it really is! Only now I actually already have a full time job as a mommy and a part time job as a server, and I'm 5 ancient years older!! It's a lot harder and I'm continually amazed to think that they really want to know all this. As I fill out paperwork, I keep picturing some Russian government official reading the translated version of it in a smokey office..."eet says heer dat they feel time outz are eefektive forum of deesaplin! Da!! Harasho! We give them best baby today!!" ...I mean...are they really reading all this??
It's probably not like that nor do they sound anything like that (ok maybe a little like that).
But I've made major progress in the last week, we had our BCI/FBI background checks. Our social worker will be calling this week to schedule our all important 1st meeting. Reference forms have gone out, along wth BMV reports. Smoke detectors have been replaced, I'm signing up for online CPR classes, personal questionaires are done, work reference letters completed..and I bought the cutest blanky, crib skirt and crib sheet!