Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The Fire Dept was here for our inspection for the homestudy! We passed! One more thing checked off the list. Also I got our marriage licenses in the mail yesterday from the Canadian govt. Of all the things I've mailed out waiting for a return item, this was the first to come back. Oh Canada! I knew I could count on you for efficient & excellent service. When I told Bek the Fired Dept was coming today "to make sure our house is safe for your baby sister" he said, "then after that can we go get her tomorrow?". Ahhh if only that was all there was to it. "So, we see you have smoke detectors. Great job, Sale Family, you are now approved to fly to Russia and pick up your baby!". But...we are making progress. The first homestudy visit is next Monday, 2/9 @ 7pm.
And any day now the coveted reciept for our i600a should be arriving in the mail. I was like a postal stalker yesterday waiting on Mr. Postman and wouldn’t you know there was no mail even up to the time I left for work at 3pm. It’s an approval from the Department of Homeland Security, allowing us to bring her into the US. It is a BIG milestone. The actual approval takes up to 3 months, but we should be recieving some sort of notice that it's in process, and give us an appointment for INS/BCIS fingerprinting (yes more fingerprints). The bad part is this approval expires after 12 (or is it 18) months, so should the process take much longer, we’ll have to apply (and pay) again. *sigh*…but we won’t think about that until we have to.

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