Friday, February 20, 2009

Important Milestone!

We got our notice from the Dept of Homeland Security / USCIS (U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Svcs) for our biometrics appointment. It comes on this very official thick paper with THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA emblazoned at the top. And biometrics is just USCIS speak for fingerprinting. Yes, more fingerprinting. This is the response to the I600a form we filled out (and dropped $860 for) in mid January and allows us "advance processing of an orphan". It's an important step, one of those during the process that makes you realize that this is real, it's happening, and it's starting to sink in! So on Wednesday March 4th at 9am we'll head downtown to the Federal Building, get our fingerprints and be one step closer to Baby Girl!

In other news - we had our medical appts a few days ago - blood draw for Hep, HIV and injection for TB test. Today I had to go back to show them that I did not develop a bubble at the injection site, proving that I did not have Tuberculosis and therefor confirming by yet another seemingly senseless step that I am fit to be a parent. Even though I already am one. Via adoption. Yeah, already did all these steps and paperwork the first time...but still have to do em all over again. But I look at Bek, and look back on doing all this the first time...and it all goes so fast....that before you know it you've got a 5 and a half year old standing in front of you, saying 'just take a breath mom, it'll be ok'. Where does the time go?

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