Monday, February 16, 2009

Moving Along

Well the 1st homestudy visit came and went relatively painlessly. Turns out she did NOT do the safety audit/walk thru, so all my mad cleaning was for naught! Although it was nice to bask in the cleanliness, even if it only lasted a day. Once we finish up what's left - CPR training, 10 hours int'l adoption education, child abuse registry clearance letters, medical statements (appt w/ dr is on weds 2/18), taxes, family photos and proof of residency for the last 5 years - then we will have our final visit, to include the walk thru, submit all paperwork, and she will write up our homestudy. It will get handed over to our placement agency, Catholic Social Services out of Charlotte, NC, and it will become part of our dossier. Dossier preparation includes more paperwork and lots and lots of notarizing and apostilling (sort of like a state level notary to ensure the notarys are cool). The Dossier is extremely important and is sort of like our representation to the Russian Powers That Be. Not only is the content important, but the accuracy, such as having all signatures the same (this can be tricky for me, i tend to write different alot of the time, according to a handwriting analysis this makes me genius or insane) and the organization of it is very specific. All t's must be crossed exactly as they want them. My timeline is to have the dossier ready for submission by the end of March/early April.
Last night I took an online course titled Attachment and Bonding, it was really good. It was all material I'm familiar with, having read tons of books on the topic in preparation for Bek's arrival, but it was a good refresher and reminder on what these sweet little things go through before we even get there, and what the road ahead will most likely bring. I took another one this morning called Your Child and Emotions. So that's 4.5 hours towards our requirement of 10 hours. Brad will read all the material as well, though I am the designated test taker!
So...things are moving along, even though it feels like paperwork will never end. I know I should be grateful for this paperwork to keep myself occupied, because after it's done, it's just wait, wait, wait.

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