Monday, February 9, 2009

Mrs. Clean

Today is the first homestudy visit.
I am getting coffee'd up to begin my mad day of cleaning. The goal is to have the house looking clean enough, organized enough and safe enough to house a baby! I have to dig out the safety gear, wrangle up loose cords, clean up Bek's sun room which is filled with an uncountable number of tiny choke-able unsafe parts. I need to get her room to be in more of a 'baby's room in progress' looking state instead of the random junk storage space that it is now. The basement, oye. I'm leaving that to Brad and am hoping he'll be home by 4ish so that he has time to work on that before she arrives at 7pm. Then of course there is the regular vacume, sweep, mop, dust, scrub toilet, windex all surfaces, general de-clutter/put away type cleaning. Oh I have to make cookies at some point too - nice to have them to offer and also fills the house with that oh so homey smell!

Even though I've done this before, and know it's mostly a formality, albeit a very important formality...I'm still anxious about it. I'm anxious about the questions and about the house audit. I know it will be fine (it's that one part of my brain taking over again), we'll pass, the house will be clean & safe, etc. But thanks to that other part of my brain, I still can't help but be nervous, excited, freaked out and neurotic.

On that note - I should sign off and get moving. Those dust bunnies aren't going to hop away on their own.

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