Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Dance Happy Dance!

We officially finished our homestudy! Our social worker came tonight, asked us a bunch more questions & did an inspection of the house; led by Bek the dutiful tour guide. He showed her how to turn on the t.v. and where all his Star Wars guys are stored. Both very important to Russia & their consideration of us as parents I'm sure! We handed over all our precious paperwork that took months to compile, chatted a bit over some mixed nuts and that was that. As she left she reminded me the next time she'd she us would be for our first post placement meeting. Meaning when she comes to do our first post adoption report for Russia after Baby Girl is already home with us. Wow what a thought!
So what happens now you ask? I dive into dossier paperwork, which is a list of about 20 items. Most of them are easy but time consuming pieces of paperwork: copy of house deed, copy of county tax assessment, request to register in what region, financial forms, medical forms, letter of intent to adopt, employer letters, local criminal background checks...that's a sampling. Then ALL of that paperwork has to get notarized, each piece individually here locally. Then each piece gets sent to the Ohio Secretary of State in Columbus to get apostilled, which is like another form of notarizing only on a more important state-level. I've been slow to move on all of this, but now that the homestudy is done I have renewed energy to dive in & can focus.

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