Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a lull

>bek at one of the babyhouse visits

Well our last homestudy visit has been rescheduled for next Monday. It was supposed to be tonight. Brad had a work things that he forgot about and could not get out of. And since he's been writhing in pain for the last 2+ weeks with a serious case of the shingles, I cut him a break. This will give us time to finish up our taxes anyway.

At this point I really should start our dossier preparations. I don't know why, I'm having a hard time getting going on this round of paperwork. Could it be because all I've done for the last 3 months is paperwork?? Could it be I'm just tired of paperwork and want to be done and am in lazy mode?? Could it be some greater Force at work guiding me through each and every step of the process so as to set the whole plan in motion and determine who our daughter will be?? Hm. Maybe I just need another cup of coffee.

So of course my brain has been in Baby/Russia/Travel mode I seem to be thinking about the foods we ate in Uralsk and Almaty. Yes, somehow it's always about food for me. Sunday I made my rendition of a layered salad we had at Camelot in Uralsk. This restaurant had a whole King Arthur knights and castle thing going on, complete with swords and armour hanging on the walls. They tried their best to be able to offer their American patrons a menu written in English. Which was really nice and a great effort at customer service. Except the names of the dishes all came out like "bird beautiful on log" or "wind dancing thoughtfully", and if I remember correctly the name of the dish was in English but not the entire description. Brad and I wound up with this amazing salad that I've made many times now even after being home almost 5 years. I've added my own twists of course but basically it consisted of thin sliced cooked potato, long shredded raw carrot, super fine shredded white cheese that must've been in the swiss/gruyere family, julienne roasted beets, chopped pickle, crumbled hard cooked eggs, walnuts, raisins, and of course a huge dollop of that amazing, unpasturized mayonaise. I think our main entree was salmon but it was nothing memorable, it was this salad that stuck with me. Now having read many Russian/Kazakh/Eastern Europe cookbooks I have learned this is a very common salad and there are many variations but they will almost always include beets, potato, carrot & mayo. I will add fresh dill on mine as they use dill in everything. The mental journey that this salad takes me on is priceless!

Ok, coffee has kicked in. I'm off to get some paperwork done.

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