Friday, November 13, 2009


We are waiting on the updated version of our homestudy. One little altering of semantics will change the fate of who our future child is to be! From "girl" to "open to either gender" and just like that, destiny shifts on it's axis.
I think of a boy and thoughts of sweet baby Bek come to mind! I think of a girl and all of their girlish charms. I will be thrilled either way!
First I need to focus on the mile long list of items I need to collect for our dossier. Once I get them all collected I need to have them notarized here locally, then send them to Columbus to get them apostilled, which for those of you who are in the know of such terminology, it's like a state level notary, certifying that the document and notary are totally seriously legit.
I hope to have all this done and turned into the agency before the New Year.
I should get off this computer and get moving!

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Mark and Sinziana said...

Hi Jen,
We are also with CSS and I remember back in May when you were going to be working on your dossier at the same time as us. We sent our dossier to Russia in June for a baby girl and are still waiting, with many more months ahead to wait. Almost two years ago when we adopted our son from Russia we were open to any gender and we were told that we would most likely get a referral for a boy.

Sometimes now I wonder if we should have been open to any gender, because getting a referral for a girl right now seems REALLY hard! But we'll see, we knew it was going to take a while and our son Diego keeps us busy!

Have fun getting all the documents together!