Monday, November 30, 2009


I know, I's the holidays. The economy is awful. Unemployment is at an all time high. You've considered hawking your old jewelry after seeing that very convincing commercial. And here I am asking for monetary help! The nerve of some people. know the saying, when there's a will there's a way. For years I have been campaigning for another child. While my pragmatic husband always concurred that he too would love another, it was never quite the right time financially. And well...while we are in a slightly better position than we've been in the past, we still could use a great deal of help. And I am not shy about asking for it!
Any amount will help to go towards document fees, travel costs, visas, etc. This is for A CHILD. For FAMILY. Our Family! And it goes without saying (but I'm going to say it anyway) that you are helping a child who is in desperate need of a family and a home.
I found this great organization that sells Fair Trade Coffees through another family adopting through Catholic Social Services. The founders were in the coffee business when they adopted from Ethiopia. They started their company to help other families afford adoption, and also help build schools and other humanitarian needs in Ethiopia. When you buy their coffee, a chunk will go to our adoption and another portion will go to their efforts in Ethiopia. So the giving is two-fold! Why not buy some coffee - a GREAT Christmas gift I might add - and do not ONE, BUT TWO good deeds this holiday season!! All together now..."here's to you, raise a glass for everyone. here's to them underneath that burning sun. DO THEY KNOW it's Christmas time at alllllll......feed the wooorrrld, let them know it's Christmastime again...."
here's the info:
And ok, maybe you don't care about Ethiopia. Maybe you want all your good deeds to go straight to the future Sale Baby. You can donate direct at the "ChipIn" widget over there to the right.
MANY many thanks friends, family and good samaritans.

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