Monday, November 9, 2009

Guess the Sound!

it could be worse i guess

Clangitty clangity kkkksssskkkkch clangity clang kkkkksssskch clang....clunk.

the above is the sound of:
a) a fabulous new educational sensory toy i got for the baby
b) bek wielding his light sabers in the house
c) my exhaust system finally giving up, scraping all the way down Lakeland Avenue, with a schoolyard full of children and parents reflexively craning their heads to the awful metal grating sound, then the final clunk when i looked in my rear view mirror to see the piece of tailpipe, as if the car had left some sort of mechanical metal bowl movement, right there on the street in front of the school.
Did you guess C?? You win! you win! Tell them what they've won Vanna! it's a fabulous '97 Subaru Outback! it's not old, it's vintage!
I took a peek under the car, and saw what I'm guessing was more of the exhaust pipe, hanging down towards the front of the car. So any further movement of the car was going to cause more of the scraping, and who knows, maybe more metal droppings. I stared at a pile of leaves and contemplated leaving it parked right there and walking home. Call Brad, feign helplessness and let him deal with it. We are literally about a minute's drive from school (i should've walked in the first place!), but I still loathed the thought of scraping, and now rumbling really loud since the exhaust pipe was off, all the way home. But I forcefully put it in gear, to punish the bad car, and made it home slowly with my hazzards blinking.
I hate cars. I really do.
It's been a long time coming I guess. Brad has rigged and taped and clamped several times over now, putting repairs off as long as possible. And, the car is paid for. It was given to us as a wedding gift back in '01. So I suppose repairs are inevitable. And in the bigger picture, things break, that's all there is to it. I should understand this basic principal better now more than ever after this year of broken appliances! I know now why the buddhists spend so long learning this concept; that suffering (all forms, from death to broken washing machines) happens. The looser more everyday version of this principal is $hit happens. It just does. The sooner you learn to accept it the better!

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