Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a big To Do about Baby

Many have asked What's the update on the baby? Some ask it in hushed tones, as if they're afraid to know the answer. Others ask with unabashed excitement. Some ask questions that hold much deeper questions, such as, Are you sure you really want to go to Russia?
I understand all of these questions. We've been on and off the 2nd adoption train a few times now, usually unable to even get out of the station. And now here we are, slowly lurching forward on the proverbial Transiberian express.
There's a lot of scary things going on politically in Russia. There is a notoriously high record of alcohol abuse. But there are scary things going on here and everywhere. And there healthy beautiful babies still needing homes. And people like us who still have parenting in them. And people like me who just feel drawn, like it is where we are supposed to go. This same feeling led us to Uralsk to get Bek...so I have to trust that this feeling knows what it's talking about.
For those of you saying, "ok, too much information, just give me an update!" Here's where we're at: right after the holidays, like January 2nd, i have a list of about 20 dossier items that i need to fill out, collect & assemble. Then each piece has to get notarized here locally, then each piece gets sent to Columbus to get apostilled (like a secondary, state-level notary). Then the dossier gets sent off. That's when the real wait will begin. Our agency advised us to wait until after the holidays, for both our personal sanity and because everything is just slowed down or shut down during this time. Russian Christmas is Janary 7th, so by the time I get our dossier out at end of Jan or into February, the timing should be perfect. Or good, atleast. No such thing as perfect timing in adoption!
So that is the big To Do list I have in the back of my head, behind the shopping list and the Christmas grocery list.
For now, S RazhdestvOm, moya Milaya!, or Merry Christmas my dear!
(i learned how to say that on a Find Russian Brides website, right in between how to say 'you are so beautiful my little angel' and 'do you understand me? will you marry me'?)

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