Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Crafting for Distraction

Country Living had this great matchbox advent calendar in their most recent issue. I thought it was adorable and I am all for almost-instant gratification craft projects. The matchboxes were cheap, $3 or so. Bek helped me empty them all out - yes i let my child play with matches, let's hope the adoption officials aren't reading this! - and we hot glued them together...the article suggested using Christmas wrapping paper but we used some festive scrapbooking paper. we stamped the numbers on, and there you have it. it was quick easy cheap fun. today I went out and got candies and chocolates to fill it with, along with some little notes, some quarters, and tiny surprises. he was so excited to know he would get to open a drawer when he got home from school! here's our version below:

i have always been into crafts...but lately as my mind is filled with too many thoughts (that train bombing near moscow hasn't helped) i am needing these types of projects more than ever. thank goodness we have an oven now i can also cook my worries away.

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Carolynn and Steve said...

That is just so cute! I love this idea, and the idea of craft therapy.

The bombing in Russia has made me unsettled, too.