Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas Nothingness, for now

Aaaahhh. I'm savoring the nothingness of this day! The snow is falling in slow beautiful flakes and the world outside is quiet. There is nothing to do, buy, or wrap! Nowhere to go, no holiday to-do's pushing the limits of my already challenged memory system!
Actually we do have a short list of errands for the day, but we are approaching them slowly, on our own terms. Target will be there no matter what time we finally get out the door. We may even go half jammied!
I love LOVE Christmas and the first thrills of the holiday season. I love the holiness of it and the matierialism of it. I love it all; The decorations, the music, the shopping, the cooking. But I am always just as happy to see it go. If I weren't savoring my laziness so much I might even take the tree down today.
But now that the sparkly busy time is behind, a new frame has come into focus in the slide show of our lives. A new kind of busy-ness, a re-direction of energies. A completely new chapter, that I can now fully concentrate on. Paperwork that must be done. Mental preparations. Nesting. A baby to bring home!!

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