Wednesday, January 13, 2010

go towards the light!

i can see it, faintly, it's there...tiny cracks of light's so beautiful; i want to be there, where there is peace, happiness, comfort all around you, cherub faced babies flying through the air...AND NO PAPERWORK. PHONECALLS. PAPERCHASING TO police departments, doctor's office, banks, notaries! Where printers and computers don't break down, where homestudy agencies don't make major typos that require correcting and re-correcting, where documents don't expire and need re-doing, oh how i want to be in that place! But the fact that I can see it, the light that is, means I am ever so much closer...I am almost there! Like bad labor pains, I forgot how hard this part was. But what I DO remember, is that when it was all done and submitted and translated and sitting on the other side of the world; all there was to do was sit and wait. and wait. and wait....I almost longed for the paperwork. Atleast it kept me busy and it kept me in control. So I must remind myself that this is part of it. Part of the big picture in getting to him or her. That and it's keeping me (barely) out the clearance aisle in the baby department at Target....

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Kim and Lance said...

I went into the light in August when I sent my dossier to Russia. Now I'm afraid we'll be going back to the dark side after trip one. There will be several more documents that need generating, notarizing, apostilling and Fedex'ing. It was nice while it lasted anyway!

Congrats on closing in on the home stretch! Then woe be unto the fools that get in your way in the baby department at Tar-jay!