Monday, January 25, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

Friday Bek and I went downtown. Two quarters in the meter, ok 59 minutes to get all this done! First stop, the Justice Building. Through the rope maze and bad guy detector, over to the clerk of courts. It is a busy dark cave of a place. No line for county verifications, hurray! Bek plopped down on the floor with his DS, I handed over all my documents. A pleasant woman processed everything, gave us pretty little 1/4 sheets of paper with sunny yellow seals on them, charged us $24, and 15 minutes later we were done. "oh, did you know there is a secretary of state office right here downtown now? yeah, not many people know about it and i bet you can get right in to get all your apostille's, that way you won't have to send these off to columbus. you can walk from here. your son is adorable, does he like smarties?"...I could've climbed over the counter and kissed this woman.
Off we went over to the State Building, about a 10 minute walk. Sign in, provide ID, up the elevator. Into a sparkling new Secretary of State office with not a soul in it. Stepped right up, handed over documents (again), waited 20 minutes, forked out $120, got 24 beautiful apostilles! Chilly walk back to car, Bek moaning he is tired, my head starting to throb, but we did it! Back into the car, quick stop for Excedrin, pop two, off to FedEx, send 95% of dossier off to Catholic Social Services. Yipppeeeee!


Mark and Sinziana said...

Yeah, congratulations on getting most of your dossier done!! It's just crazy how different things are from state to state. Hopefully, in no time you will be getting ready to travel!

Kim and Lance said...

Congratulations!! It's a wonderful feeling to have that nice stack of shiny apostilles, isn't it? I used to love our Atlanta office. They were so nice and there was always parking available. Here in Boston, they can be nice, but they're super picky about the notary wording. It's also a game of planes, trains and automobiles to get down there!

Only a couple more things and you're all done! THEN what will you do with your time?