Friday, January 8, 2010

paper labor pains

Before the holidays, our agency sent us electronic copies of all of the dossier documents. It is a list of 19 items, some of them templates to customized & edited electronically such as 'parents letter of intent to adopt' and some other items that need to be collected; such as 'copy of county tax assessment record with detailed description of home'. It's a long and tedious list. And as I've said way too many times in previous posts, each of these items must get notarized locally and apostilled by the state of Ohio. Our agency advised us to work on these right after the holidays.
So January 2nd rolls around and I roll up my sleeves to get to work and head up to the freezing cold attic office to commence printing/editing these documents. Brad uninstalled the printer when he reformatted his computer, and never reinstalled it. Oh snap you gotta be kidding me. Brad I'm gonna kill you! Other things came out of my mouth that are not fit to repeat. My dear friend Laura offered to help me out, and she kindly printed the docs out for me. I trudged out into the snow and drove through the near blizzard like conditions to her house, and got the documents. I begin working on them. I've put a good dent in them, am feeling oh so productive! I realize, as I dutifully push all this paperwork around, humming a happy little working song, that since these docs were sent before the holiday, the New Year, they all are dated 2009. Son of a biscuit! I now have multiple copies of everything, as I already started this process some time ago, and now i have another set with the wrong dates, it's getting confusing. I go through piece by piece and draw an X on each dossier doc and put it in a garbage pile on the floor. Ok, no big deal, starting over now, I can do this. I electronically edit each one, and save accordingly. I then hmmm I know you see it coming...that several of these documents will have to be redone yet again should a certain employment situation change. Can't say many details as I don't know who is reading this! But suffice to say, chances are good I am now going to have to re-do several docs AND ammend our entire homestudy due to employment changes!!
I will not give up! I will complete this paperwork! Breathe!

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Kim and Lance said...

Just wanted to stop by and say "Hello!" We're on our second adoption as well and looking forward to following your journey.

May your dossier come together painlessly and with limited document re-do's!