Friday, January 15, 2010

Really Great Service, Eh

I had mailed off our Canadian marriage certificates to the Ministry of Government Services in Toronto to have them authenticated. I sent them UPS on Monday the 11th. On Wednesday 13th I had an email from them, like a personal email, not a stock auto reply. They told me they had been received and would be submitted for processing. Today, Friday the 15th, 4 days after I send them, I got another personal email asking kindly how I'd like them sent back and where to! I have to say, those Canadians are pretty darn efficient!
In other news, I got a huge chunk of documents notarized. The one snag is that I couldn't get them all done because Brad was not present with me. No worries, no hurdle I can't overcome since I've become Super Focused Paperwork Woman. Dutifully emailed husband at work and told him what time he needs to be there, no questions asked. An aura of calm and focused peace must of been emanating from me because kind Notary Lady only charged us $10 for the whole pile."it should've been 1.50 each, that comes out to $34 total, but I'll just waive the rest honey"... we got a deal AND she called me honey!
The other day the upstairs computer, which is connected to the printer, finally breathed it's last electronic breath. I still had cover letters & other docs to print. You might think this threw me into another stress fueled rant, but no, no problem, called local corner copy shop up the street and emailed documents to them for printing. I am a zen paperwork master! I have borrowed a phrase from the British which has proven to be a most helpful mantra!

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