Thursday, January 21, 2010


'Member that post yesterday about not having any paperwork? So breezy and nostalgic??
I seriously could just cry! As if I'm not already a hormonal mess. I tracked the return pkg from the Sec of State which was to have our apostille'd dossier documents. I saw that it was already scheduled for delivery today, which would be an amazing turnaround. So quick in fact that I thought surely something must be wrong. Called Sec of State and sure enough they said they were returning all documents because there was no COUNTY VERIFICATION. I don't even know what this is and don't remember doing this the 1st time. And of course I'm getting no direction from anyone. I remember now w/ the first one they advised us to have all notaries done by a lawyer, but never said why and I never asked. This is why. Notaries done by a regular notary need to be verified by the county they were notarized in. Which also means I've got two separate counties of stuff that needs county verifications, Franklin & Cuyahoga.I see now, on a stray piece of paperwork from our homestudy agency that indicates as such. Ok so my bad I guess, but I've emailed them many times and told them stuff was notarized and ready to get apostilled, you'd think at some point they'd say, 'did you get your county verifications?"...argh. So this is done at the Clerk of Courts downtown. $28 out the door in FedEx shipping costs wasted on the first batch. Will have to take it all downtown tomorrow, then shoot it all back out to Columbus on Sat. The only upside may be that the corrected homestudy copies came today so I can send it all out together. I already flew out to the Post Office to send those docs to Franklin County Clerk of Courts, with yet another check and more two way shipping costs. Looks like Bek and I are taking a field trip tomorrow to the Clerk of Courts. Have eaten 1/2 box of Cheez Its. The real kind, with all the chemicals.


Kim and Lance said...

Oh NO!! Jen, I'm so sorry!! When we moved to MA they had different rules about language that the notary could sign. We had to redo a pile of things as well, but at least I walked them in. I feel your pain.

Here's to a quick re-do!!

Ellen said...

ARRRGH! I know what you mean...we have lived in 2 different states as we've gathered our documents, and the process for each state is different...and who didn't know that until just a few days ago? Well, that would be ME! THanks for letting me follow along on your blog/journey; I'm working with CSS and hoping to submit our dossier in the nest 1-2 weeks--I HOPE!