Friday, February 19, 2010

It's All Happening

So I get an email from CSS yesterday saying Svetlana would like to register us in the Moscow region. For what we are requesting it is our best bet. This would mean SUMMER TRAVEL. Blind referral. No information in advance. This is all really big in so many ways. We really thought we'd be waiting a year to a year and a half. And that we'd get a referral like we did with Bek. I am actually still freaking out. Of course we can say no, that we don't want to travel blind, but who are we to argue with Svetlana? She may be acting as some mystical force who is ensuring this is all going to work out exactly as it should.
The biggest blow to us is going to be financially. We thought we had longer to save. And I have to admit it does suck the joy out of it a bit when you are freaked out about the money. But we will make it happen somehow. And we're always best under pressure. And you know the saying about if you wait for the exact right time it will never happen!

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amy and kevin said...

Wow! I bet Russia is beautiful in the summertime; don't think I'll ever see anything but snow & ice. :)

I've decided there is never enough money saved up, so I just ignore that part and will deal with our debt once cupcake is home.

How exciting to think you'll be in Russia this summer - that is so close!