Monday, March 8, 2010

D-I-Y - Dang It, You!

So I started the day with plans to start painting the baby's room. I was motivated! inspired! Well-rested!
Bek woke up late, I let him sleep in til the last possible minute because Brad put him to bed late. They have testing all week so he needs his rest, it's incredible what they ask of 1st graders nowadays. So, our morning was a little rushed, a little chaotic. Ok, hurry up, finish your toast! Run upstairs and get dressed, brush your teeth while you're up there! Gulpgulpgulp, chug some coffee (me, not Bek). Grab lunch, backpack, hop in the car, make it to school just in time for the brrring of the 1st bell at 8:45.
Home again, it's quiet and calm now, I can roll up my sleeves and get to it. But, I really need more coffee first. I check my email, a few blogs, drink some coffee, make half an english muffin with one egg and half a slice of jalepeno cheese. More coffee...definitely getting there now. Off to Sherwin Williams I go!
I stand staring at shades of orange with names like kumquat, copper wire, tango, papaya. I stand there a long time looking at these colors, holding it in different lights at different angles. I like Kumquat, but am worried it will be too dark. Exciting Orange is the same tone, but one shade lighter...but it's almost too light. I don't want circus peanuts, I want warm tangerines. I ask if they can go somewhere in between, they say yes. Sweet.
Home again now. Change into loungy pants and sweatshirt that already has paint on it from kitchen re-do. Get old blanket for drop cloth, paint tray, paint roller & spare towel for drips. Turn radio on alternative rock station. I'm ready! Lay out the blanket against the wall. Straighten up room and pull existing furniture to center. The tall cabinet w/ all our towels in it, I gotta tell you it's heavy. I move it as far as I can and decide I can just maneuver around it. Ok, let's pour the paint. Oh man, I forgot a flathead screwdriver to open the paint! Back down the stairs of our 99 year old house, down to the basement, which is 4 sets of stairs. Grab screwdriver. You know, I really should put some laundry in while I'm down here. Set screwdriver down. Load laundry, back up with the screwdriver. Pop open the lid, it's beautiful! Bright and happy and verging on the color of circus peanuts, but I'm still good with it. Where's my stir stick? Dang it, I forgot the stir stick. Back basement. Phone rings. It's my mom calling from my sister's down in Georgia. We have a conversation about unnecessary souvenirs, and how overnight guests, like fish, start to smell after 3 days and that it's time for them to come home. I wrap it up with her and hang up. Ok, re-focus. Where was I? Oh yeah, painting, stir stick. Back up I go, stir stick in hand. I stir, I pour, I load up my roller's lovely! I got nearly a wall and and a half done, and it's a beautiful color. Strangely though, I did find myself craving those chewy marshmallow like circus peanuts! But combined with some other colors, say brown, khaki and red, it's going to look great. That's about as far as I got though, because by now it was after noon and I was starving and losing my painting steam.
Annoyances aside, I found myself happy and enjoying the process. I was painting THE BABY'S ROOM! You know, that baby, that is already born and alive, in Moscow, waiting for us. I tried to send a telepathic message of love, to let him/her know we were getting ready and would be there soon.

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