Thursday, March 18, 2010

Homestudy Update

Our homestudy is being updated. Even though in Ohio it is good for two years, in Russia, like a bag of frozen peas, it goes bad after one year. I have a funny mental image of them sniffing our stack of paperwork there on the other side of the world…. “eewwww. Da, eet’s expired!”.
It is pretty painless. The social worker makes a one page addendum saying there have been no changes to our home life, employment, financial status, etc. We are however, making one very important change. In the sections where it reads gender request…we are officially changing it from “GIRL” to “OPEN TO EITHER GENDER”. Since so many families request GIRL…this most likely means that I will be the mommy to another sweet LITTLE BOY!!
Maybe it’s because it’s what I know, or maybe it’s just because boys are so stinking cute, but this thought makes me very happy! And to give Bek a brother, well that’s just very cool. What boy doesn’t want a brother, in both his younger and older years?? And I already have all the boy stuff, so I already feel so prepared.
This is not a definite of course, and it’s not to say that a sweet baby girl would not make me equally thrilled. If that is what Fate and God brings us, then so be it!
Because I can already see some question marks forming above certain heads out there …
“So when will you know?”
since we are traveling “blind” to Moscow, we will not know until we get there.
“When will you go?”
We’re told June/July.

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