Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I've made a small dent in The Baby Room Project. Plastic bins have been filled, stray chochkies have been sent to the garage sale pile, and useless random items I haven't used in the last year have been pitched. What a great cleansing feeling!
After I've had my morning fill of online time and coffee I will be heading up to get back to it. I've been perusing a few different sites this morning for inspiration. I have a vintage Chinese checker game board that sortof inspired me, it's orange/brown/red/mustard, in those muted vintage shades. I'd like to throw in a nature-y/bird/owl/tree thing. I hesitate to say "theme" as I don't want too much of any one thing. I think that is gender neutral and not overly annoying. I don't like an explosion of ducks or trucks or pink or blue and feel it needs to be equally aesthetically pleasing for everyone! And really let's face it, the baby could probably care less on the actual color scheme. Although Bek loved his clouds on the ceiling and the minute we put him in his crib he loved it. His face lit up and his expression said "wow, this is all really mine?"
So here's some random stuff I've been looking at. I love the decals you can get everywhere now and think a tree of some sort is in order. Target has this one and it's only like $15 or something:
love this one too:

land of nod has these great number flash cards that i think would make great art:

maybe hang the flashcards from a clothesline like this martha idea:
Ok...with that said: I am fully caffeinated and inspired. Off I go!


Amy and Corey said...

I am SO going to get that tree mural thing from Target! And I also really love that rocking chair from the last picture. Your room is going to be just beautiful, so please post lots of pictures that i can steal...um...I mean get inspiration from.

Anonymous said...

Go to JoAnn Fabrics they have their vinyl wall clings on clearance 70% off. Here is a list of what they have. You might want to call your local store and make sure they are there.


Jennifer Klein