Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Goodbye and Hello!

I had a FEELING that this wasn't the end of this story. Like M.Night Shyamalan's "Signs" when we find out the aliens are allergic to water...that would've been a terrible ending in the movie that is our lives. (did i miss something? you are a super smart strong alien but water makes you burn?).

Do you believe the cliche, that "everything happens for a reason"?
I'm not always sure that I do. Sometimes I think we use this as a warm, comforting catchall phrase when we need help explaining the unfortunate, sad or otherwise undesirable things that happen in life. This would mean that every single step, every wrong turn, every right decision, every death, sickness, war...it was all predestined before it happened. Hhhmmm. Sometimes this works and sometimes I think it's accurate; but only part of me believes this and it's the same fantastical part of me that still wants to believe in good angels and kind hearted vampires.
I think that mostly we make our own good luck, we choose our lives and the paths that we take. We create the lives we live right down to the people that are in them and the jobs we work and the level of happiness we feel on a daily basis. Possibly with some help from some sort of Divine Intervention. I know, I am a study of contradictions.
You've probably heard me blab about this before, but Buddhism teaches that we must accept pain, and death. That bad things happen in life. And not so much to celebrate that fact, but to ACCEPT it. Trying to fight it, and always put a happy face on no matter what, is not acceptance and will only cause delayed pain and inner turmoil. You allow yourself to feel the pain, and move on. Accept that it happens. Don't dwell on it, but acknowledge it.
I bet you are wondering where I am going with all this really uplifting happy talk. After our decision to back out of Russia, I was a wreck. I mean full on couldn't deal with it, couldn't look at a baby, had to keep the baby's room closed. Blubbered my eyes out for days on end. But I just let myself feel it all and in a few weeks the fog lifted. I was able to see clearly and could move forward with my quest! Did Fate take me in that direction, or did I consciously make it happen, or both? I don't know, but I'm happy we're here!
So for anyone who was following along and would like to continue to; you'll have to redirect your literal and figurative path, just like we did: www.seoulbabee.blogspot.com

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